Kathy Lyons

When my family and I moved to Florida a few years ago, we didn’t have any resources. I found out about Mid Florida Community Services in August 2014. While being assisted with our electric bill, I also learned about other programs Mid Florida Community Services offered. I learned about the Family Self-Sufficiency Program and how it could help my family. My Case Manager informed me that MFCS could help me get my State Nursing license so that I could finally become a Registered Nurse. I had finished school as a Certified Nurses Aid, but I could not afford the cost of the application, the background screening and the state test for my license. MFCS also assisted my brother with training for his electrician license. Not only was Mid Florida Community Services able to keep our lights on, but they also helped us to achieve what would have taken us years to accomplish. My brother and I are closer to achieving our goals thanks to Mid Florida Community Services ‘ Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Thank you for everything you have done for us.