Lake County

1211 Penn Street
Leesburg, FL 34748


Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday - 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Contact Information:

  • Senior Services - (352) 326-3540
  • Elder Help Line - (800) 262-2243



Senior Services Department provides a variety of services designed to help Seniors live a healthy, independent lifestyle and avoid placement in assisted living facilities.
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Success Stories
The client needed immediate help ...

Ms. Christine is a 64 year old female who was referred to MFCS due to self-neglect. 

During the initial assessment, we found that Ms. Christine was unable to complete most of her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) due to declining health and mobility conditions. She also needed immediate assistance cleaning her home, and with personal care because she was unable to take baths without assistance.  Mid Florida Community Services immediately put Homemaking and Personal Care services in place provided by Families Come First. Initially, Ms. Christine was very hesitant about having MFCS staff in her home. 

By the 30 day visit, the case manager noticed a change in both her appearance and attitude.  Ms. Christine was very grateful and appreciative of the services being provided.  Over the course of several weeks, Ms. Christine's self-esteem increased and she was able to live independently with dignity, avoiding placement in a nursing home.


Success Stories
Success Stories
Connecting service

Mr. David does not have any local friends or family to assist him and found himself in the situation of having his electricity disconnected and was without a phone to seek assistance for himself. Our case manager went to the client's home and was able to call the electric company and advocate on his behalf. As a result, Mr. David was given an extension to pay the electric bill, giving the case manager time to arrange for the client to receive electric assistance from a local community agency. With the assistance of the case manager and the provider aide Mr. David was able to complete his paperwork for electricity service and subsequently received assistance through the Salvation Army.  His electricity was restored the same day, preventing him from going days or weeks without service.


Success Stories