Program Substitute Lead Teacher in Deland, FL

July 19, 2024

POSITION SUMMARY: The Substitute Lead Teacher will be responsible for classroom, dietary and/or and family educational activities to ensure a quality center based program for families. Duties vary according to the length of the assignment.


Wage: $22.00 - $25.00/hr.

Hours: (Hours vary-on call as needed basis)

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  • Be available to fill in for Early Head Start, Head Start teacher assistant, or extended day assistant teacher whenever needed.
  • Cooperate with, and follow through on suggestions/recommendations of, managers, leaders and specialists to establish a quality comprehensive child/family program.
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the children in the classroom (health issues: asthma, allergies, seizures, hearing/vision, etc.) and makes appropriate accommodations to ensure child outcomes are achieved.
  • Assists in providing developmentally appropriate activities to enhance physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children in the classroom.
  • Assists in introducing age appropriate materials to children, volunteers and parents. Provides appropriate guidance to promote children’s physical growth. Assists in guiding children in developing basic concepts asprescribed in the education, nutrition, health, dental and mental health plans.
  • Assists with classroom activities that include reading stories, preparing and delivering activities for/to thechildren, conducting/assisting with small and large group activities, alerting teacher to any problems or special information.
  • Assists in maintaining a safe, clean, neat and orderly classroom/learning environment, including playground Monitors and reports in writing, needed repair of damaged items. Maintains a safe and clean learning environment through cleaning/sanitizing classroom area including, work area, play area, materials, etc. Monitors play and working areas for broken and non-usable materials. Takes appropriate action to correct.
  • Encourages language development of children by asking open ended questions. Promotes cultural and ethnic acceptance and experiences and positive self-concept and social skills. Encourages appropriate Provides and participates in learning experiences for children that allow children to solve problems, initiate activities, explore, question and gain mastery through learning by doing.
  • While assisting in classroom, supervises children at all times; maintains child/staff ratios in accordance with policies and Reports child abuse and neglect in accordance with program policies and procedures.
  • Participates and works as a team-player with all Head Start/Early Head Start staff, including but not limited to: teacher, co-workers, supervisor/management, the staff members/specialist in education, health, and family and community partnerships.
  • Actively participates in center/classroom activities and parent/meetings activities as directed.
  • Acts as an advocate and role model for Head Start Recruits children for the program.
  • Attends and actively participates in training programs, staff meetings, and other meeting/trainings.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of client, staff and agency information.
  • Maintains effective working interaction with coworkers and outside contacts that will enhance the operation of the Head Start program.
  • Organizes and prioritizes all assignments as directed.
  • Participates in community activities that enhance Head Start/Early Head Start programs as directed.
  • Actively participates in USDA training provided by the Nutrition Supervisor.
  • Participates in ongoing monitoring, Community Assessment and Self-Assessment and performs reasonable related functions.
  • Participates in regular safety, storm and fire drills.
  • Submits reports, documents, and files as directed.
  • Uses and follows the policies/procedures of Head Start, federal, state and local regulations/laws, and federal regulations/laws including the Head Start Performance Standards, applicable transmittal notices, and other administrative orders/directions.
  • Uses and follows the policies/procedures of You Thrive Florida including but not limited to Personnel Policies, Occupational Health and Safety policies, payroll policies/practices, etc.



Performs any additional duties as directed or assigned by supervisor, management staff, program director or You Thrive Florida management staff. This description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the position and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities, or working conditions associated with the position.



Education: A minimum of an Associates Degree with the understanding that you must enroll after 90 days to acquire Bachelors Degree to be completed within 3 years. Must complete all required trainings as mandated by the current versions of the Department of Children and Families Child Care Facility Handbook, the Office of Early Learning School Readiness Program Health and Safety Standards Handbook and other training standards adopted by the Office of Early Learning. Must obtain/maintain CPR/First Aid certification. Will complete Head Start required annual training hours.

Experience: No experience required.

Licenses & Certifications: Valid Florida driver’s license and be insurable by Company’s current insurance carrier. Subject to federal, state and local legal requirements/background checks.



Physical Requirements: These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Talking, standing, sitting, squatting, kneeling, use of fingers, arms, hands, legs, walking, stretching/reaching, handling, grasping, climbing, bending at the waist, turning, balancing, pushing, pulling, use of depth perception, carrying and lifting (up to 65 lbs.), and driving are constant. Good eyesight (correctable) and hearing (correctable) are essential.

Equipment: Computer, facsimile, copy machine, calculator, multi-line phone and other small office and instructional equipment and vehicle.

Skills & Expertise: Knowledge of health/sanitation practices regarding meal service and food preparation/service. Ability to use and operate a personal computer. Ability to complete work with a high degree of accuracy. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. Ability to keep accurate written records. Knowledge of organization methods. Ability to operate a vehicle/van safely. Ability to arrive to work daily and on time. Ability to work with limited direction. Ability to evaluate situations and make prompt decision. Ability to maintain You Thrive Florida Head Start, child and parent confidentiality. Knowledge of classroom management techniques. Ability to work with children including those with special needs. Ability to be reliable, responsible and accountable to job requirements. Ability to establish effective working relationships with people, particularly supervisor and co-workers.



Job Location: Primary location is the Head Start facilities in Hernando, Sumter and/or Volusia counties. Occasional travel to other counties.

Work Environment: While performing the responsibilities of the position, these work environment characteristics are representative of the environment the employee will encounter. Office environment and working alone and with others frequently. Working with office equipment is frequent. Occasionally outdoors and operates a vehicle.


Wage: $22.00 - $25.00/hr.

Hours: (Hours vary-on call as needed basis)

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Apply online at www.youthrivefl.org

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