Senior Services


Through the Case Management Department, Mid Florida Community Services was able to secure respite care

Fred is seventy two years old and was previously diagnosed with dementia. His younger brother James has served as the primary caretaker for several years due to Fred’s inability to care for himself. James seriously considered placement of Fred into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) due to the ongoing stress and exhaustion that comes with being a caregiver. Through the Case Management Department, Mid Florida Community Services was able to secure respite care (homemaking, meal preparation, bathing, companionship) for several hours per week. As a result, James’ stress was significantly reduced thus preventing placement of Fred into a facility. In addition, Fred’s overall functioning has improved. - Fred


A Reason for Being a Case Manager

In the 26 years I have been employed with our agency, I have felt so honored to serve others and, since September 2015, I have had the pleasure of working in Senior Services as a Case Manager. Of the many stories I have encountered thus far, I’d like to share one story in particular.

One of my client’s, Mrs. Newman, is 101 years of age. I have been so honored to be in her presence. She has shared many stories with me concerning her challenges and successes in life; I really have tried to embrace the wisdom she has shared with me. She has made such an impact on me in this short period of time, I feel blessed to know her. Every time I interact with her I feel she has served me instead of what I have provided for her.

Because of my positive interactions with her, I feel confident in serving others who depend on us as Case Managers. I am so filled with enthusiasm working in Senior Services.

I wish I could bottle up the wisdom and knowledge of my experiences and the things I have learned serving seniors in his program. In sharing these kinds of stories with all my co-workers, I hope that sharing these kinds of stories with all my co-workers will inspire them as much as it has inspired me.

To my surprise, a few weeks after my visit my client even sent me a Thank You card. 


MFCS Helps Client Stay in Their Home

Ms. Christine is a 64 year old white female living alone that came in as an APS early January. She was referred to MFCS due to self-neglect. She was not unable to complete most of her ADL's or IADL's due to her health conditions and mobility issues. Client needed immediate help cleaning her home that had been neglected due to her mobility problems. She had trash all over the living room, dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, sink and table. Client was also unable to take baths without help. Client was very hesitant about having us there because she was embarrassed of her living situation and was angry at the person who reported her. She appeared to be depressed and not happy with her living situation. MFCS immediately put HMK and PC services in place for client. By the 30 day follow up visit; CM noticed a change in appearance and attitude. Client was very grateful and appreciative of the services. MFCS helped client build up her self-esteem, live with dignity and prevented nursing home placement.


Meals for Pets

Edith “Edie” Wilson is the driving force behind the “Pets on Wheels” program, which is a small grant administered by Meals on Wheels of America to provide dog/cat food to seniors throughout Hernando County. In 2015, Edie logged 1,397 hours and packaged 3,662 pounds of dog/cat food, feeding an average of 107 pets per month.

 Ongoing research suggests that pets not only provide companionship, but also have a positive impact on overall senior health to include an emotional/psychological component. Without Edie’s selfless dedication, these seniors may not be able to keep their beloved pets or they may choose to go hungry themselves and feed their pets the food delivered for them by our Meals-on-Wheels program.

 As a testament to Edie’s devotion to the program, the recent loss of her husband did not slow her down. Instead, she honored the memory of her husband by continuing to compassionately serve others.


 Electricity Restored

Mr. David does not have any local friends or family to assist him and found himself in the situation of having his electricity disconnected and was without a phone to seek assistance for himself. Our case manager went to the client's home and was able to call the electric company and advocate on his behalf. As a result, Mr. David was given an extension to pay the electric bill, giving the case manager time to arrange for the client to receive electric assistance from a local community agency. With the assistance of the case manager and the provider aide Mr. David was able to complete his paperwork for electricity service and subsequently received assistance through the Salvation Army.  His electricity was restored the same day, preventing him from going days or weeks without service.