Rider surveys are distributed to users annually in accordance with our Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan. Comments are generally favorable; with most riders rating Trans Hernando as “very satisfactory” and the service provided as a “life-safer.” The most common refrain is that the system allows them the independence to conduct their affairs and not be reliant on friends, family, or neighbors. Numerous driver and staff compliments are received monthly.



Darroll Hale is a disabled veteran who looks forward to being transported by Trans Hernando! Unable to drive himself he has been a frequent rider since 2007.    Not being able to walk without his crutches, he is thankful for how the drivers are always there to lend a hand to assist him from his door to the vehicle. Darroll says that having this service allows him to continue his independence and he is enjoying his quality of life.

The Transportation that’s provided for me to the Enrichment Center is an asset to me and my family as I am not able to drive anymore because of my health. This helps me follow the doctor’s orders in more ways than one, by not being left home alone and by not driving an automobile. This helps someone keep their eyes on me, while I help someone also. I really feel like it’s needed.

Gertrude Mobley

Transportation is so important to me.  I am 92 years old and had a terrible accident two years ago.  I am in terrible shape, losing 35 pounds since the accident.  I can never drive again, so you can see how bad I need someone to take me to doctor appointments, shopping and to the bank.  I have been treated very good by everyone and they act very concerned for me.  Thank you very much.



Everyone has been so helpful! Being a paraplegic, this service allows me to get to my job every day and visit my grandma once a week. This service has given me my freedom! - David H.

You guys are the best thing that has every happened to me! - Sarah M.


Trans Hernando service is the only way I can leave my home. Marilyn